These are my epiphanies after a decade of struggle.

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With tailored, 1-to1- coaching with someone who’s seen it all

The author 👋
  • Having nobody to hold me accountable
  • Not having a clear idea of what I wanted

The freelancer lost at sea

I’ve met a lot…

Knowing the difference is vital to a fulfilling working life

Created by the author

Because clients are not prizes

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We are not at war

To win is to imply that someone has to lose, but the strangest thing about this aggressive language is that every one of us loses far more often than we win. So why go to war?

Serve your community

There is a better way. An approach to work that will free you from this ugly way of thinking, that will help you create a permanent ceasefire.

How to be lucky

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  • Luck that you make yourself.
  • Meeting a partner after surviving months of dating hell is luck that you make for yourself.

Wake up!

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How a four-part story can improve your writing

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This strategy and motivation you need to really succeed

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Three lessons and a word of warning

A proud author on publication day (credit: the author)

Discover the secret for making others want to work with you

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Matt Saunders

Web developer, writer and business coach for freelancers

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